About HFV

We help people between the ages of 25 and 60 discover WHO THEY REALLY ARE, what they want and why.


To figure out what truly inspires them. Leaving the HOW and WHEN to the universe.


In this process, they will self-discover their passions, purpose and missions; as they “break the chains” and remove the mental barriers that prevent them from accessing their inner selves and fulfilling their wildest dreams!


All it takes is HOPE, FAITH & VICTORY.


To empower people with the truth and guide them to finding and tapping their own internal power and potential.


To serve as an ongoing and evolving resource utilizing self-help talk as a tool to unlock our client’s well-being and potential to have an informed and successful life.


Hope Faith Victory was founded in March 2016 by five individuals who shared a vision to collaboratively educate and inform others on the benefits of living well and having a healthy lifestyle, which can lead to success in all aspects of their lives. Each Hope Faith Victory associate brings knowledge and expertise to their role, along with a commitment to helping people access their untapped and unlimited potential.


We are all full of power, strength and determination. Nothing we face will be too much for us. We can overcome every obstacle. We can outlast every challenge and will come through difficulties stronger and better than before. Hope over worry. Faith over anxiety. Victory over victim. Human potential is LIMITLESS.

Terri Lavoie

Certified Life Coach & Fitness Instructor

When we experience challenges in our lives it is not difficult to forget who we are, and begin the search for life purpose. It is my passion to help individuals discover what their purpose is and awaken the potential within them. I offer my clients a different perspective so that they can create the reality they desire.

Upon becoming certified as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer many years ago, I began a life-long journey teaching clients exercise and personal well-being. I began teaching fitness classes in many areas, eventually opening a fitness club with my mother and sister, giving me 24 years in the industry. In the meantime, I worked on the side as a waitress for many years where I enjoyed the positive energy of interacting with the public. Having many life experiences, and overcoming countless struggles with work, relationships, family, marriage, and life itself, has led me down a road of self-discovery. I discovered that my purpose is to show people that there is no obstacle greater than the strength within them.

This discovery motivated me to become a certified life coach and begin a new chapter in my life. I continue to motivate everyone I meet and enjoy doing it. Recently the inception of my organization “Hope Faith Victory” has brought me new light and even more positive energy. With a team effort, Hope Faith Victory and I intend to bring a sense of balance, purpose, truth and wholeness to all.