Finding your faith to move forward

Written by on June 26, 2017

Any long term negative thoughts, emotions, habits or belief systems come from your childhood. In order to move forward you need to change your thoughts, beliefs and habits. Deal with your baggage so you can keep moving on your journey towards goals and dreams. If you decide to hold on to your baggage and do not find the courage to deal with the things in life you do not want or need, you will stay stuck. Find your faith to move forward. Think about it, what do you have to lose?

It’s time to take an inventory of the baggage you carry with you that is negative. Negative baggage does not benefit us, it is not productive, rewarding or creative. It uses up the energy that we carry inside of us, that we need to use in the now, to carry out our mission. Try and change your perception on negative thoughts or belief systems that you carry with you on a daily basis. Learn your lessons quickly so you can be more productive. So you can live in the now, and prepare for your future. We are all on a journey of self-discovery, healing and growth. Guiding us to become the amazing, incredible, confident, powerful and happy whole beings we were truly meant to be. Life is a journey. Let’s help each other complete it.

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