Follow Your Bliss

Written by on April 16, 2018

Today is the day to begin embracing new potential in your life.” It’s your day to be recreated!”

POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION. Sometimes we forget that what is hidden is not actually gone – it’s just waiting. As the positive things in your life become clearer, you should take this time to recreate what you have been missing in your life. It’s time for you to use your gifts to bring the fulfillment you deserve.  You may have forgotten (or dismissed) your talents, but you have more then what is often seen on the surface. Remember, you are never too old to dream or to make those dreams a reality.

Follow Your Bliss

These 3 words are the compass for your life. They point you in the direction you need to go, in every moment. When you follow your bliss, you find your dreams and fulfill the reason why you are here, YOUR PURPOSE. Bliss radiates when you are following your purpose. Don’t forget to recognize things that make you happy in the moment, take a moment to absorb it all.

Your bliss could start with something as small as taking a walk in the park, sitting in your garden, sipping on a hot cup of coffee. It can start small and be insignificant, but inspire you. Your bliss is the thread to your dreams and to a better life. New opportunities, better opportunities.

One specific area we should focus on when following our bliss is our work. We spend 80% of our life at work. Our job should be something we enjoy doing. Something we are very passionate about. Something we care about. Our job is very important to us. It’s our money, our security, our peace of mind. Our dream job can bring us personal satisfaction beyond material things.

It’s important to dream BIG. Set your heart on fire. Keep looking, don’t settle, be creative. Let your dream job be your outlet. Your career should be something you are passionate about and want to do. Most of us have separated our bliss from our work. Let your source of bliss guide you in your career path and you will find your dream job. Your job should embrace your passions and talents. When you are performing your talents it should not matter whether you are getting paid or not because you love what you do, it’s your purpose. Your job should be fun. If it is not a positive experience the majority of the time, then something has to change. Dare to challenge yourself?

Be true to yourself. Be who you were truly meant to be. Be your authentic self. There is only one of you. You are unique. You must remove the barriers that prevent you from following your bliss. You have been influenced by many. Your parents, teachers, friends and society. Be courageous on your journey and shut out the chatter of the outer world. If you are determined enough your reward is waiting in your bliss. Take courage to persevere towards your dream. It’s not your job to please anyone. Take responsibility for your own life. Analyze what makes you happy. Make a plan and surround yourself with like minded individuals who share your inspirations, while inspiring one another. Figure it out, find your bliss. Read as much as you can, take some courses, work jobs that move you towards your bliss, and do some research. There is a whole world out there at your fingertips. There are many opportunities awaiting you, you just need to be receptive. Take your opportunities when those doors open.

Follow your passions. Do what you love to do. It’s your birth right. Your bliss will provide for you. When you do what you love to do, the money will follow. Even if you have to work a job and on the side work on building your dream job as a side job, do what you have to do. What do you want? Follow those urges, listen to your gut. The universe has your back. It’s time to eliminate your wish bone and get a back bone. Follow your bliss. Go inside of yourself and discover who you are, and what you want. Stay grounded and connected to your source. Remember the thing you are attracted to, moves you. There is only one thing stopping you from going towards your bliss, and that is fear. Face your fears and follow your bliss.

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