The importance of a good fitness routine part 2

Written by on October 17, 2017

I would like to explain the health benefits of working out. *I have taught fitness and wellness for 24 years so I am only giving you my opinion what I have experienced with myself and others I have worked with. Any changes to your diet or lifestyle should always be consulted with your doctor first.*

The amazing opportunities I see with myself and others are:

Cardiovascular (strong heart, muscles and lung capacity)
Our lungs accumulate toxins that need to be discarded on a regular basis. I have found through experience, working out helps me with colds and releasing toxins so my lungs can do their amazing job!

Tone, Strength & Flexibility
I love the strength and definition I get and I love watching my students develop their new bodies and perform daily tasks so much easier.

If you stay consistent with your exercise and wellness program you will love what you see in the mirror. You will love how you look in your clothes and you will carry yourself so much better with the strength you have developed from your consistency and determination.

Keeping our flexibility can be a challenge if we do not have a regular fitness program. As each year passes  everyday activities can become a challenge without regular exersise!

Remember, investing in an exercise program for yourself can only lead you towards a more productive and rewarding life.

The five most important benefits are:
1) Cardiovascular improves immensely.
2) Strength and definition are rewarding.
3) Endurance improves 100% (performing things for longer periods of time without tiring)
4) You remain flexible so you can use it when you need it – this also protects you from becoming hurt more easily.
5) Nutrition. If you educate yourself, discover what works for YOU, be consistent, persistent (never give up), determined, and most of all my favourite, believe you can do it and see it and do not look back. This journey is yours…do not be afraid. Eat to live, do not live to eat.

Some other benefits to investing in your own health and wellness are:
– Improved blood circulation prevents thrombosis and other circulatory diseases.
– Strengthens the heart to ease its workload, ease heavy breathing and decongests lungs.
– Improves digestion and elimination.
– Allows the body to better utilize food nutrients.
– Relaxes tensions and induces sound sleep.
– Stimulates mental processes in both old and young.
– Prevents upset such as heartburn, constipation, headaches, chronic fatigue, piles and many other common middle age complaints.
– Maintains normal weight, whether gains or losses are needed.
– Improves posture and grace of body movement in women.
– Retards signs of ageing, both mental and physical
– Increases muscular efficiency, making daily workloads easier to handle.
– Decreases degenerative diseases.
– Lowers blood cholesterol level.
– Lengthens life.

Exercise helps develop a better looking body – it can slenderize and reshape, build up and slim down and firm muscles that are lax and flabby.

My favourite effect from working out is the energy I get from each of my workouts. I exercise mostly at night and that’s where I get my most energy and am way more productive. Most people like to have more energy and it is worth every minute of working out.

So think about it. Not for me, but for you.

One hour a week, 3x weekly. Are you worth it?

There are 168 hours in a week, 3 hours a week to protect your health and wellness.

Be more conscious what you put in your mouth on a daily basis. These are small sacrifices for long term positive benefits.

I know I am worth it. I am 50 years old and feel amazing! So can you!

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