The importance of a good fitness routine part 3

Written by on March 27, 2018

Everything starts with a thought. When these thoughts are festering inside of you, in a dark and negative way, this can really affect your overall health – both physically and mentally. Often you do not exercise or eat properly. Activity is limited because you isolate yourself and end up making a lot of unhealthy choices. We tend to reach for a lot of unhealthy foods, that do not benefit us. We reach for anything that will give us a quick “feel good” fix. Fast foods, comfort foods, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol can all be quick fixes which do not serve us in a positive, healthy way. Quick fixes give us instant gratification but often leave us feeling remorse – whether it’s guilt from over eating or the effects of a hangover after having one too many drinks. We eventually have to face our issues and find solutions. We have to change our perspective and turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. When you can look in the mirror at yourself and say “I love and accept you for who you are, flaws and all.” This is truly being free. There are only long term benefits to this type of behavior and thoughts. At the end of the day most of us just want to be happy and at peace with ourselves and others.

I was 26 years old and married with 3 children (8, 4 and 1). My husband and I just bought our first home. I thought that was everything I would ever need to feel complete. I thought I was living the dream. I did not think I could possibly want anything else… Boy was I wrong. I had no idea what was waiting around the corner for me. I was taking care of our home, our children and everything else that needed to be done. My husband worked away from home a lot. And when he was home, he brought his own issues to the table. Wow, so busy taking care of everyone and everything, I forgot about little ole me. Depression set in. Isolation came into play. I refused to go anywhere, or see or talk to anyone. I unplugged my phone, and disconnected from the world. All I did was cry, cry and cry. Resentment, anger, self-pity, sadness, excuses and denial set in and crept into all aspects of my life, pushing me down into a deep, dark and lonely hole. And every time I thought things were getting better and that I was climbing out of that deep, dark, lonely hole, something would trigger my thoughts and I would fall all the way down into that deep, dark, lonely hole again. It was very depressing, frustrating and scary.

On top everything else, I was not eating properly, if at all. Not having much activity in my life, I began to feel stagnant. There was no water consumption happening, so I probably spent a lot of time dehydrated. Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about, or have felt, or been where I have been? I went somewhere where I shouldn’t have been. All because I forgot about me.  Which lead me down a path full of negative thoughts and emotions. I knew something was wrong. I chose to ignore the signs and shut down that little voice inside. I constantly put myself last and everything else first. I felt so alone and did not know how to help myself.

It took one phone call from someone who cared enough to initiate the rest of my life. I was asked if I wanted to volunteer at a local gym. At first I was very reluctant and said no, but this individual was persistent and persuasive and refused to accept no for the answer. So I decided to give it a shot. What did I have to lose? And guess what? I loved it. This was the first baby step towards the rest of my life. I was walking on my true path now. How did I know this? I’ve never been so happy. Life is a journey. Complete it. Mark my words, I know. I started to exercise on a regular basis. I started making better choices with the foods I ate and started drinking more water. I felt so much better physically and mentally!

My energy levels picked up tremendously as my thoughts became more positive. Leading me towards better choices. Putting the fight back into me. Perseverance and endurance was there when I needed it. I became toned and strong. My cardio improved and my flexibility was out of this world. I strengthened my self-esteem, my self- confidence. I felt awesome but most of all I felt like I was enough. I was finally on top of my game. I was so happy. Full of joy and contentment. I was following my goals and dreams finally. When I reported into my doctor, he was amazed in what he seen. I told him what happened and why I was so happy.  The only advise he could give me from that point on was to never quit doing what I was doing because it was working for me. Exercise was my escape from depression and my negative thoughts. All I had to do was exercise on a regular basis and the benefits spoke for themselves. Make healthy choices to stay fit and energetic. Drink 8 glasses of water to stay hydrated and I would not have to take a pill to cope daily with my negative choices.

Sometimes in my travels I look around and wonder how anyone could go without exercising and making healthy choices. No one is asking you to be perfect. Just do your best. How do people survive and cope daily when they do not make good choices with their health? You have one chance with one body to make those positive choices. To feel good about yourself. To think positive thoughts when you make great choices on a daily basis. These choices make life easier for you – you may accomplish everyday activities easier and be able to finish the task you set out to do. When you invest in your health every day, even if it’s just baby steps at first, you will see great things progressing for you. This fulfilment will bring much happiness, joy and inner-peace to your life. Remember, without your health, you have nothing. Your health is the most valuable thing you can have. Please make good, no great, choices for you. After all, you’re worth it!

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