Everything Starts With A Thought


Dare to Dream

All things are possible

Find new meaning


Strategize a plan

Just know it's going to happen!

Take the first step


You took action; success follows

Make your goals & dreams come true

Gain satisfaction, fulfillment and confidence

"We are all so much more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to be. We are all resistant to change but are able to do so if we choose to. I would love to help you find the inner strength and wisdom to empower yourself to be so much more than you are, or ever thought you could be. Shift your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and patterns about your own "lot in life" to empower you to rise up and live your highest potential in self care, self discovery, health & wellness, vocation and family & relationships".

  • Testimonial

    You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do and how much healthier and energized you will feel after doing a class with Terri

    C O’Donnell

  • Testimonial

    So, if you are ready to make that life changing decision to build a healthier, stronger you, come and join us for fun, friendship and fitness at Hope Faith Victory!! Terri is the coach, you want in your corner!!

    Kerri Harrington

  • Testimonial

    I often come to Terri’s class feeling stressed with the usual problems we all face. I leave the classes with a lighter heart knowing I can cope with the issues, thanks to Terri’s workouts and her life coaching tips.

    Cathy O'Donnell

  • Testimonial

    Since signing up as a client with Hope Faith Victory, my life coach has taught me one very important thing. True happiness cannot be achieved unless YOU love yourself and accept yourself for every flaw that you may have.


  • Testimonial

    From helping people reach their fitness goals to helping them discover who they really are and how to go about achieving their wildest dreams, Terri and HFV is a true inspiration.

    T. Stewart

  • Testimonial

    I do believe that it was with the help of Terri that I actually began to regain some self-confidence back that I had lost.

    A. Halko

  • Testimonial

    I feel Terri can teach others what she has taught me, that is a very important life lesson – loving and feeling good about yourself!

    L. Phillips

Terri Lavoie

Certified Life Coach & Fitness Instructor


When we experience challenges in our lives it is not difficult to forget who we are, and begin the search for life purpose. It is my passion to help individuals discover what their purpose is and awaken the potential within them. I offer my clients a different perspective so that they can create the reality they desire.


Upon becoming certified as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer many years ago, I began a life-long journey teaching clients exercise and personal well-being. I began teaching fitness classes in many areas, eventually opening a fitness club with my mother and sister, giving me 24 years in the industry. In the meantime, I worked on the side as a waitress for many years where I enjoyed the positive energy of interacting with the public. Having many life experiences, and overcoming countless struggles with work, relationships, family, marriage, and life itself, has led me down a road of self-discovery. I discovered that my purpose is to show people that there is no obstacle greater than the strength within them.


This discovery motivated me to become a certified life coach and begin a new chapter in my life. I continue to motivate everyone I meet and enjoy doing it. Recently the inception of my organization “Hope Faith Victory” has brought me new light and even more positive energy. With a team effort, Hope Faith Victory and I intend to bring a sense of balance, purpose, truth and wholeness to all.